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Joyce Tsongas is considered to be one of the original pioneers in the field of trial consulting. Her outstanding reputation has grown to one of national prominence as a result of her three decades of work with lawyers in the Northwest and around the country. She has long been acknowledged as an expert in witness preparation, case strategy and courtroom advocacy. In 1978 she founded Tsongas Litigation Consulting which has grown to become one of the largest and most successful and respected firms in the field of trial consulting. Her ability to bring a systematic insightful approach to case strategy has been one key to the success of her work in developing jury-oriented approach to the many complex aspects of jury trials. Over 5,000 witnesses have benefitted from her efforts to them to give credible testimony before juries, judges and arbitrators and to present themselves credibly in interviews before state and federal agencies. She has assisted numerous attorneys in their efforts to plan effective courtroom presentations for opening statement, closing argument and motion practice.

Tsongas has also developed an outstanding reputation as a communication coach for political candidates who want to improve their interpersonal, public speaking and debate advocacy skills. Her work has made significant contributions to improving in the communication skills of candidates in over 40 political races for local, state and national office, many of whom have been successfully elected to office. Those offices have included the US Senate, the US House of Representatives, state legislative offices, city and county offices as well as judicial positions.